How do you address mail to students who live in dorms?
The correct way to address mail when shipping with the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or DHL to a dorm is shown in the example below:                                                                    
Oklahoma State University                             Oklahoma State University
Student First and Last name                          Jane Doe
Room # and Building Name                            123 Pistol Pete Hall
Stillwater, OK 74077                                       Stillwater, OK 74077
I’m moving off-campus.  Can I give you my new address so my mail can be forwarded there?
Forwarded mail is handled by the respective residential hall desks. When you check out, you should give them your forwarding address. If you have not done this, or are unsure, you can contact residential life to put one on file with them. UMS does not keep a record of forwarding addresses.
My old dorm has my forwarding address on file, but I’m still not getting any mail. What’s happening?
Certain mail cannot be forwarded. This includes mail with presort standard or non-profit postage. Items sent First Class, Priority, Express, and package service can be forwarded. Priority and Express mail pieces have tracking numbers. If you can provide us with the tracking number, we can look up the mail piece and let you know if it has or has not been forwarded.
Can UMS forward mail from UPS or FedEx?
No, we cannot. If UPS or FedEx has delivered to the address printed on the package, they will not forward it to a new one. We will attempt to contact you via email or telephone about these packages. You can either pick them up from our Stillwater office or pay the postage to have your items shipped to your new address. If we are unable to contact you, they will be returned to the sender.
I’m expecting a package or piece of mail in the next few days. When will it be delivered to my dorm?
If we receive the mail piece or package before 1 pm, it should be delivered to your dorm that same day.
Can I pick up my package from your office rather than waiting for it to be delivered to my dorm?
No. Due to security and liability concerns, University Mailing Services has adopted a new policy concerning the delivery of student packages. Our policy specifies that students must receive packages at their respective residence hall desk. Allowable exceptions include: time-sensitive materials, birth certificates, passports, medications, undeliverable as addressed, and at times when residence halls are not accepting deliveries.
When I track my package, it says it has arrived in Stillwater, but I haven’t received it yet. Can I find out where it is?
If you contact us with the tracking number, recipient name, and recipient address, we can track the package in our system.
How do I get a passport?
The Oklahoma State campus does not offer passport services. The nearest location is the downtown Stillwater Post Office located at:
809 S. Lewis St.
Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 377-3867
Resident Hall Desk Phone Numbers:
Kerr / Drummond --------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 5004
Wentz------------------------------------------------------------ (405) 744 - 5017
Stout------------------------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 3400
Bennett---------------------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 5602
Kamm / Peterson / Friend------------------------------------ (405) 744 - 4662
Griffith Center-------------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 1534
Village A / CASNR--------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 3038

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